Erratum:  Two lines at the end of Bill Gatley's essay were omitted: 

"The [50th Reunion] P-rade, ceremony, dinner in our Reunion tent, Memorial Service, and just walking the Campus are lasting memories.  Our Reunion dinner jacket was peachy pink - a color that made the Class of 1954 readily identifiable from at least 100 yards."

With essays by Nick Angell, Sid Eaton, Dick Fisk, Jim Fletcher, Jerry Ford, Bill Flury, Fred Fraley, Bill Gatley, Bill Greene,

Jim Heath, John Heimerdinger, Stan Korenman, Alan Mayers, Gustav Paumgartner, David G. Powell, Paul Roediger, Dave Satin,

Bob Schmalz, Richard Schulze, Mike Schuyler, John Shane, Richard Steinmetz, Mobe Van Cleve, George Webb, and Dave Winans