Erratum:  Two lines at the end of Bill Gatley's essay were omitted: 

"The [50th Reunion] P-rade, ceremony, dinner in our Reunion tent, Memorial Service, and just walking the Campus are lasting memories.  Our Reunion dinner jacket was peachy pink - a color that made the Class of 1954 readily identifiable from at least 100 yards."

With essays by Nick Angell, Sid Eaton, Dick Fisk, Jim Fletcher, Jerry Ford, Bill Flury, Fred Fraley, Bill Gatley, Bill Greene,

Jim Heath, John Heimerdinger, Stan Korenman, Alan Mayers, Gustav Paumgartner, David G. Powell, Paul Roediger, Dave Satin,

Bob Schmalz, Richard Schulze, Mike Schuyler, John Shane, Richard Steinmetz, Mobe Van Cleve, George Webb, and Dave Winans 

Addendum: Joe Howe's Odyssey

The ideal: A competent, professional civil service in all Federal departments, nonpartisan, devoted to public service, stable and consistent through many changes of administrations.

After Army service, I devoted my civilian career to making this ideal a reality, through personnel management (human resources). My best service was in policy analysis and development — task force studies, reports, regulations, legislative proposals, memos, correspondence, speeches, testimony, presidential proclamations — in pursuit of this ideal. Achieved senior executive status in civil service. Biggest project: complete rewrite of civil service laws and policies and reorganization of Federal personnel management, 1977 - 1978 (Civil Service Reform).  

Had reputation as excellent researcher and writer, honed at Princeton. Always promoted plain English, no jargon, active voice, good grammar and punctuation in official documents. Became skilled staff man, anonymous in the background. Never held great power. Served those who did. Stayed out of the news.   

Married Alice, high school sweetheart, 1954. Have four fabulous sons, each skilled in a different profession. Eight extraordinary grandchildren. One great grandchild soon to be born.[1] Alice and I are still together in twilight of life.[2] Sixty-five years! A blessing. Overall, a "good enough life." (See PAW April 24, 2019.)

Over the years observed changes of Princeton campus, curriculum, student body, faculty. One point of continuity: Witherspoon still stands! Not the same dorm we lived in of course, but it's still there! A beloved structure. Amazing and gratifying.

Hey, hey '54!   Three cheers for old Nassau.

[1] 2021 update: now two great grandsons.

[2] 2021 update: Alice passed away December 2020. Sixty-six years.